The MoveFit™ Trailer

MoveFit™ is a portable, trailer based weight training system. It creates a new perspective and setting for traditional functional training while holding onto the fundamental strengths of conventional weight training systems.

MoveFit™ uses strategic design (patent pending - application no. F2017/01553) to allow you to train wherever you want with a state-of-the-art weight system. MoveFit™ gives you all the benefits of training in the gym without the stuffy atmosphere and overcrowding. MoveFit™ gives you the benefits of a gym based, weight training system with the complete freedom to take your training wherever you want to go.

One of the reasons we created the MoveFit™ Mobile Gym Trailer was because we wanted to make fitness and equipment based training facilities more accessible.

This is not a normal gym. It’s better. It’s not the kind of gym where you go whenever you want to but have to figure things out for yourself. MoveFit™ works differently because we will be there to guide you through your workout from start to finish.

Fitness, health and safely moving your body should be something that you can easily afford. Below is an example of the type of layout you can expect at your nearest MoveFit™ gym.

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